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Meet our aesthetic team!

Lauren (Medical Esthetician)

Lauren is a skilled medical esthetician, who is passionate about conditions that afflict the skin and body. Lauren has a genuine love for all things related to healthy skin care, and body sculpting. Her desire is to understand each client’s goals, expectations and provide each person choices in their skin and options for Body Fat Contouring in Missouri. She has a broad wealth of knowledge in medical grade products and procedures that enhance appearance and wellness. We invite you to meet Lauren and see how she can help you meet your goals… Lauren is a State Board Licensed Esthetician specializing in medical grade treatments with advanced training and certification in dermaplaning, micro- needling, and medical grade skin care products. She has recieved additional training in radiofrequency for the treatment of cellulite and fat dissolution. She is skilled in the latest laser hair removal treatments. Additionally, Lauren has at her arsenal of training the ability to use a combination of radiofrequency, laser, and intense pulse light and thermal heat to offer unique options to our clients. As a graduate of the Skin Institute, Lauren has been trained to have an eye to attention and detail. She has continued to educate herself on ALL things skin related. She has a thirst for more knowledge and the true understanding of the science of skin. “I love making people feel beautiful. I love educating my clients on the treatments they are receiving and how they can truly better their skin through the correct skin care treatment in St. Louis customized specifically for them. I aspire to bring my clients excellence.”

Lori (Trained Therapist)

Lori is a trained therapist with over 10 years of experience in the Hospital setting, medical office and home care. She has been involved in the skin care and medical industry for over 5 years in treatment and sales. She has extensive experience in various products for skin and has promoted and educated peers on skin care treatment options. She has been trained in the use of both inmode devices Optima and Contoura. As a part of her skill set, Lori is trained in radiofrequency for cellulite and fat dissolution, intense pulse light for skin treatments, and laser hair removal. She is certified in body sculpting procedures using Bodyfx, Minifx and Morpheus. She has experience working with both the pediatric population as well as the geriatric age group. She has used her photography skills to document before and after images as part of her aesthetic training. Her hobbies include spending time with her family, being a “baseball and basketball” mom and the parent of a ji jitsu fighter. She enjoys professional level photography for both work and documentation of her children’s athletic activities.

Manish Suthar, MD

Dr. Manish Suthar will serve as the Medical Director for Medjuvenate. He has twenty-plus years as a practicing physician in interventional, non-surgical spine and orthopedic conditions. He is Board certified through January 2028 in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Suthar is the Medical Director for the Pain Prevention Center where Medjuvenate will operate and share office space. Dr. Suthar has experience with various procedures in the aesthetic world and has been certified to perform Inmode treatments offered at Medjuvenate like Chemical Peels in Missouri, Skin and Collagen Rejuvenation in Missouri for better and healthy skin. His medical background will provide additional insight and a distinct advantage to helping individuals wishing to enhance their esthetic goals. Further, with Dr. Suthar’s extensive relationships in the community, he is able to draw from both the Medical and Aesthetic worlds to better serve his patients. Dr. Suthar is a proponent of a healthy diet and exercise regime for wellness and youthful life. He believes that healthy diet, self-confidence, a positive outlook and regular exercise are keys to outer beauty and youthful appearance.