Facial Treatments in Missouri

At Medjuvenate, we have strategically partnered with Epionce for medical grade skin products for effective Facial Treatments in Missouri. Epionce has been clinically proven to be safe and effective, using formulas that are botanically based and optimized to improve skin function by reducing inflammatory factors while improving barrier strengths. Epionce offers powerful lines that delivers results and is free of parabens, fragrance, sulfates, gluten, with non-comedogenic properties.

We understand that variations in skin require an individualized strategy for best results. As part of our service to you, our expert esthetician will assess your skin and then customize your facial to Remove Wrinkles or to what your skin requires using specific Epionce lines.

Chemical Peels in Missouri

Chemical peel is a exfoliation to help slough off dead skin cells and target hyperpigmentation, acne & acne-scarring, fine lines and wrinkles. Epionce’s peel solutions are designed to increase cell turnover to retexturized and smooth the skin. Peels can be performed on various areas of the body.

60 minutes   $100


We realize our client’s skin differ in their own unique way that is why our expert esthetician will assess your skin then customize your facial to what your skin needs using medical grade products such as Epionce.

60 minutes   $75

Mal-e Peel

Helps reduce surface bacteria, enhances skin hydration, brightness, and cell turnover with exfoliation facial Treatments in St. Louis.

60 minutes   $100


Involve pressing, rubbing, or manipulating muscles & other soft tissues with hands & fingers, even forearms, elbows, & feet are used.

60 minutes   $100

Lite Refresh Peel

Key ingredients Malic Acid and Salicyclic Acid. Quick refresh for all skin types with no downtime! Simple one step peel relieves congestion, dullness and sallowness. Immediate improvement in skin clarity and radiance.

60 minutes   $85 

Sal-e: Salicylic Peel

Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties enhance skin clarity. Improves hyperpigmentation, acne and skin aging. Epionce specific products allow for a safer and more effective result with less downtime.

60 minutes   $100
  • Stop use of any retinols or Retin A 48-72 hours prior to the peel.
  • Do not exfoliate your skin 24 hours before your peel.
  • Avoid sun exposure and use of tanning lotions one week prior to receiving the peel.
  • The next 24 hours are crucial after receiving a chemical peel.
  • Use gentle cleanser without harsh exfoliants.
  • No make-up for 24 hours; do not engage in intense physical activity for 24 hours after receiving the peel.
  • Keep skin hydrated and protected by using a SPF and moisturizer.
  • Do not pick or pull at peeling skin.

All prices are quoted in US currency. Service prices are subject to change without notice.

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