Lumecca: Missouri Autumn Season!

Lumecca by Inmode: Skin care Treatment that makes pigmentation disappear.

Lumecca a skin care treatment in Missouri uses intense pulse light (IPL) to reduce skin irregularities and improve skin complexion such as age spots, sun damage and spider veins.

IPL season has officially arrived in the Midwest with the changing in St. Louis trees and cooler weather!

As the lead Medical Esthetician, I love performing these types of facial treatments in St. Louis along with receiving them. Being able to see the results happen to yourself is exciting! I have tried almost every treatment from chemical peels that had my skin shedding, to micro-needling without numbing! This treatment has helped me best with leftover pigmentation that was caused by acne. Lumecca treats certain pigmentation conditions such as melasma, freckles, rosacea (redness), and sun damage.

Does it actually work? Lumecca uses a xenon flash lamp delivering 40% of total pulse energy. The standard IPLs deliver 10-15%. This results in fewer treatments to achieve full facial skin care rejuvenation in 1-2 treatments rather than 4 to 6 treatments.

Is it painful? It feels like the snap of an elastic bands that lasts for 1-2 pulse per second. It’s a very quick, but intense procedure.

What to expect? Post procedure, the treatment area will have slight erythema (redness), with darkening of some pigment. Over the next 24-48 hours the treatment area may darken; in the following week the pigmented lesions begin to flake off, revealing new and bright skin. Recovery time for vascular and pigmented lesions vary depending on what is being treated.

IPL is a great alternative to chemical peels. It is intense but results are proven. The IPL procedure was able to lift the pigmentation in 2 treatments. The results I saw with the IPL were significantly better than the results that I experienced with the chemical peels and micro needling. The best time in Missouri to undergo skin care treatment with Lumecca or any IPL treatments is in cooler months due to less heat and sun exposure.

Written by our Medical Esthetician, Lauren Droege

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